Will filing Bankruptcy affect my employment status?

It’s normal to worry about will filing bankruptcy affect my employment status and who will find out about my bankruptcy filing. Many individuals who are considering filing for bankruptcy also worry about the effect of the bankruptcy on future employment. They are typically concerned with if a potential employer finds out about the bankruptcy filing; will the employer be deterred from hiring you? This is especially true if you are employed in a position of trust or employed to manage others money.

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I am considering filing for bankruptcy. Should I charge up my credit cards so that they will be discharged and I will get free stuff?

There are a number of things you can and should do before filing for bankruptcy, but running up your credit cards is not one of them. Generally, you can discharge credit card debt in bankruptcy, whether it is $1,000 or $100,000. However, if you rack up debt with fraudulent intent, it will not be discharged in bankruptcy, and you may be considered to have committed fraud.

Clearly, if you know that you are about to file for bankruptcy, and you choose to run up your credit card balances because you know you will not have to pay it back, you are trying to defraud your creditors. If that occurs, the credit card company can file a complaint in your case and ask the court to declare the debt non-dischargeable. If the bankruptcy court agrees with the credit card company, you will have to repay that debt.

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